Other Books by Penny Rosenwasser

VISIONARY VOICES, Women on Power: Conversations with shamans, activists, teachers, artists and healers

Interviews by Penny Rosenwasser

How do we teach without domination, organize without intimidation, disagree with degradation, relate without manipulation, and practice compassion without losing our focus or strength? In other words, as women — how do we learn and teach each other to do it differently?”
—from Introduction to Visionary Voices

Visionary Voices is a unique range of women’s experience — Academy Award filmmaker and former military wife, Orthodox Jew and practicing Buddhist, “first generation lesbian” and mayoral candidate, aikido black-belt and lawyer, poets and dancers. They’re white middle class; they’re the children of immigrants; their grandparents were slaves; their homes are on reservations. They’re Israeli and Palestinian, from Cuba and Cleveland.“For though we can’t control the outcome, between us we have endless energy to do the footwork for creating change — in balance, from our own power. From our own visions.”

For too long, women’s agendas for social change have been split into two seemingly opposite arenas — personal transformation and political activism. This collection of interviews, in examining the base of women’s power, breaks down that dichotomy.

PRAISE for Visionary Voices

“An exceptionally relevant collection, carefully put together and skillfully edited; it belongs in every library collection.”

—Women Library Workers Journal

“I felt inspired hearing women discuss their efforts to create revolution as well as meaningful personal lives.”


Visionary Voices is a significant contribution to women’s studies and highly recommended for anyone interested in women’s spirituality as well.”

—The Midwest Book Review

“How can we not read this insightful contribution to the clearer understanding of our various selves…It makes us richer for the experience.”

—Gay & Lesbian Times

“Every woman interviewed in this book has a different and powerful way of talking about courage, and the possibilities of both social and spiritual change. It is an inspirational book… one that definitely won’t get covered with dust on the shelf.”

—Pat Jammernegg, author of Prototype

VOICES FROM A ‘PROMISED LAND’: Palestinian & Israeli Peace Activists Speak their Hearts

Conversations with Penny Rosenwasser

Focusing on a tense and volatile region leading up to the Madrid Peace Conference in the fall of 1991, these interviews offer a human perspective on Israel/Palestine. They give an insider’s view of the first intifada, the Israeli peace camp, and the Palestinian and Israeli women’s peace movements, up to and after the Gulf War.

PRAISE for Voices from a ‘Promised Land’

“If only every literate in the world would read Voices from a ‘Promised Land’, the desire for peace would begin to be a reality.”

—Maya Angelou

“Heartening…because [it] points to a future in which Israelis and Palestinians can live in mutual respect and understanding.”

—The Washington Post

“A profoundly moving book.”

—Women Library Worker’s Journal

“Penny Rosenwasser’s work is important to anyone who wants to move their thinking beyond the destructive stereotypes we hold about Jews and Palestinians in conflict, and opens the door to the heartfelt reality of women from both sides struggling to create a common peace.”

—Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

“In this important and sensitive work, Penny Rosenwasser succeeds in relaying the anguished and hopeful voices of Palestinians and Israelis towards a better future for both people in the ‘Promised Land’.”

—Professor Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, Northwestern University

“Striking and revealing interviews.”

—Israel Horizons

“Humanizes the many different sides of the issue. It is rare indeed for Palestinians to be allowed to speak for themselves to an American audience.”

—Palestine Focus

“A vivid sense of everyday existence for Palestinians and Israelis in a strife-torn society.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Rosenwasser has a deft touch, barely present except for the right question. Read this book.”

—Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, author of My Jewish Face