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HOPE into PRACTICE: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears

417 pages
Sept 2013

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“‘Thank you’ is what I thought I was supposed to say when told that I didn’t ‘look Jewish.'” What will make it irresistible for Jewish women to free ourselves of internalized anti-Semitism, expanding our sense of possibility? HOPE into PRACTICE responds with a rare blend of healing stories, fascinating history, and a fair-minded perspective on Israel-Palestine—asking us to love ourselves enough to face our fears without acting on them. Working through internalized oppression, we can link personal healing with social justice—enabling us to fight more effectively, as visible self-loving Jews, to change systems that are immoral and unfair. Anchored in Jewish ethical tradition and community, this book is an activist’s call to create a more just and generous world. Includes an action-oriented Reader’s Guide, for groups or individuals!

Hope into Practice Table of Contents

  • Part One: How Did Things Get So Hard?
    • Chapter 1: Anti‐Semitism 101
    • Chapter 2: Insider/Outsider: Jews, Race, and Privilege
    • Chapter 3: Let’s Talk about “Jewish Power”: Rethinking Stereotypes
  • Part Two: Wrestling with the Voices
    • Chapter 4: The Trickster in our Heads: Internalized Jewish Oppression
    • Chapter 5: Suckled on Worry
    • Chapter 6: “Hello Assimilation, Goodbye Persecution”
    • Chapter 7: “There is a ‘Real’ Jewish Woman and I Am Not Her”: Too Much/Not Enough
    • Chapter 8: Push/Push/Push for Perfection
    • Chapter 9: “Where Do I Belong?”
    • Chapter 10: Taking Egypt Out of the Jews
  • Part Three: Creating a Future
    • Chapter 11: On the Front Lines: an Activist’s Vignettes
    • Chapter 12: Cracking the Code of Our Conditioning
    • Chapter 13: Jewish‐Positive
    • Chapter 14: Liberatory Healing
    • Chapter 15: Hope into Practice: Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears


Author Bio

Transplanted to Oakland, California from Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C., Penny Rosenwasser is the author of Visionary Voices, Women on Power: Conversations with shamans, activists, teachers, artists and healers, and Voices from a ‘Promised Land:’ Palestinian & Israeli peace activists speak their hearts. She earned her Ph.D. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Transformational Learning & Change. Penny is former Jewish Caucus Chair of the National Women’s Studies Association and is a founding board member of Jewish Voice for Peace. She teaches an Anti-Semitism/Anti-Arabism class with a Palestinian colleague at the City College of San Francisco and belongs to Kehilla Synagogue. »View Penny’s full bio

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